to the world’s
first GamePark.

Game XP is a place where the magic of amusement parks and the adventure of video games coexist, where epic battles take place, and your favourite characters are everywhere. Here, your main quest is to have fun.

We’re talking about four days filled with attractions, concerts, innovation, eSports championships, cosplayers, huge releases, and games. Really, a lot of them. There’s so much fun spread all over the GamePark that you can choose to enjoy it single-player mode or even on multiplayer with your whole family. And this is the best part: here, you’ve got infinite HP. So press start and join us in this gaming world.

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The GamePark
total area

2018 100.000

2019 160.000


2018 13

2019 14

of fun

2018 36 hours

2019 44 hours


2019 10 Mil


2018 R$53,9 Milhões

2019 R$82,3 Milhões

No. of Pro Players
in each edition

2018 228 pro players

2019 258 pro players


2018 31 TB

2019 34 TB

Brazil’s first VR Roller-Coaster
was made available at Game XP

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