The 1,500 square meter eSports super-screen could easily be seen as the eSports Maracanã, and it is back. With a maximum capacity of 4,000 people, visitors will be able to watch official professional championships, as well as epic battles with the currently most popular eSports games. Amongst the confirmed championships and tournaments, there are: Rainbow Six Brasileirão Championship Finals, the first match of the Brazilian CS:GO Championship (CBCS), Female Game XP Counter-Strike Championship by Gamers Club, Rainbow Six Women’s Circuit, Legends of League of Legends showmatch, and TUES matches (College Tournaments) of LoL, R6, and CS: GO.

This is the place where major companies and game publishers will discuss their latest releases and all visitors will be able to try them before they are released! Freeplays on every platform with some of the currently most famous games, VR and AR experiences inside this arena. At GamePlay Arena 1, visitors will also find the GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey. This is a stage where official eSports championships, tournaments, and showmatches are held.

Just one arena is not enough for the area destined for all the major game companies at the world’s first GamePark. That's why GamePlay is now taking over two arenas with over 9,000 square meters! Spaces destined for companies will be larger, as will the possibilities for interaction with their target-audience. Visitors will be able to play releases and preview games firsthand, as well as enjoy exclusive brand activations. This year’s edition is filled with immersive attractions using VR technology.

At Inova Arena, innovation and technology become a new kind of entertainment, bringing you closer to new ideas and concepts in our daily lives in a fun way: artificial inteligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, smart cities, internet of things etc. This stage will discuss how to implement innovative ideas and technology in different fields of knowledge through lectures and talks.