Game XP 2019 announces new lineup for Genesis Stage


Projota, Zeeba, Cat Dealers, and KVSH are some of the concerts scheduled for the newly designed music space at the world’s first GamePark

Rio de Janeiro, May 6th, 2019 - As announced last week, Game XP 2019, which will be held on July 25-28th, will feature a great new attraction: the Genesis Stage. This new space at the event will bring music and a lot of joy to Latin America’s greatest game event, and its organization has confirmed on Monday, May 6th, which artists are confirmed to play gigs at such an anticipated area. On Thursday, July 25th, the list includes artists such as the duo Anavitória, the brothers behind Cat Dealers (which were listed among the world’s top 50 DJs in a list of 100, according to the British magazine DJ Mag), and Nova Orquestra, which is scheduled for all event days to play some of the finest and classic game songs. On Friday, July 26th, Brazilian pop singer IZA is focusing on a breathtaking performance by playing some of her hits, such as “Pesadão”, “Dona de mim”, and “Brisa”. Dubdogz, a project created by the twins Marcos and Lucas Schmidt, promises to bring a new kind of music, mixing Deep House and Nu Disco. On Saturday, July 27th, hitmaker Projota is confirmed as well as Zeeba, the singer behind the songs “Hear Me Now” and “Never Let Me Go”, featuring the young DJ Rivkah for a special concert. On Game XP’s last day, Sunday, July 28th, the new star DJ KVSH is schedules to play, as well a surprise set to be announced in the next couple of days.

The Genesis Stage lineup is handpicked by Zé Ricardo (Rock in Rio’s Sunset Stage and Favela Stage) and Claudio da Rocha Miranda Filho (New Dance Order – Rock in Rio). With concerts schedules to take place between 5:30 p.m. and 9 p.m., the stage will feature great artists and the party is only programmed to be over after a great display of fireworks, which will indicate end of the world’s first GamePark last day.

Until Monday midnight, May 6th, special pre-orders are open to all Banco do Brasil Ourocard holders at All visitors may purchase regular tickets or Player One tickets (a ticket which grants access through an exclusive area as well as a special transportation service, gifts, and fastpass service). Banco do Brasil Ourocard holders will also receive a 50% off discount on two tickets per purchase (maximum purchase of 4 tickets) while tickets last. Discounts are non-cumulative, including student discounts. Game XP general ticket sales start on Tuesday, May 7th, at 8 p.m.

Genesis Stage Lineup




Cat Dealers  

Nova Orquestra         





Nova Orquestra   




Zeeba feat. DJ Rivkah

Nova Orquestra    




**Surprise Artist**

Nova Orquestra


About Anavitória

Ana and Vitória have been friends since high school and managed to skyrocket to fame in just a couple of years after joining together to form the duo Anavitória. Before they knew it, both left Araguaína, in the State of Tocantins, to rise to the Pantheon of Brazilian contemporary pop music. In 2017, they received a Latin Grammy for their song “Trevo (Tu)” and went Platinum for their single “Fica”. In 2018, the duo played in Rock in Rio Lisboa and will play their first concert at the City of Rock.

About Cat Dealers

The brothers Lugui and Pedrão, the minds behind Cat Dealers, have established themselves among the three major DJs/producers in Brazil, having become one of the gratest artists in Electronic music. In 2018, this duo was ranked No. 48 among the world’s top 100 DJs by the British magazine DJ Mag, havingrisen 26 positions since the previous year. Cat Dealers has the second most-subscribed YouTube channel among Brazilian DJs, with over 618.000 subscribers and over 202 million views. The duo have also got another couple of millions of plays on music streaming platforms, such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, and many others. By the end of 2018, Cat Dealers were mentioned on “Forbes 30 Under 30”, which ranks the most promising young Brazilian professionals from several fields, including music.

About Nova Orquestra

Based on a new concept of experience and a new way to listen to classical music, Nova Orquestra is born out of momentum. All over the world, orchestras are seeking new forms of gathering new audiences and bring something new, but Nova Orquestra’s goal is to go way beyond that. They are focused on reinventing popular songs on the most diverse stages with guests and unexpected setlists by using a modern, dynamic approach. This kind of thinking has helped Nova Orquestra create unique experiences, proving an orchestra can still be a great form of entertainment.

About IZA

Straight out of the suburbs of Olaria, IZA was first seen singing in a few videos posted on YouTube. The singer started gathering a legion of fans and, in 2017, she released a single: “Pesadão”. It most certainly did not pass by unnoticed, having been played on radios all over the country and reaching No. 3 of the most played songs on Billboard Brasil. The music video produced for the single featuring Marcelo Falcão was released and reached over 220 million views. Her debut album, “Dona de Mim”, was released in 2018, with quite a lot of pop, R&B, reggae, and jazz. IZA received positive reviews from several music critics, having also received awards. Among them, she received the New Artist Award (2017), Best Song (2018), and Best Album (2018) at the Women’s Music Award; Best Song at the Multishow Award (2018); and having been nominated to the Latin Grammy as the Best Contemporary Pop Album in Portuguese. Currently, IZA is on her new “Dona de Mim” tour since last August, but she also hosts her show, “‘Música Boa Ao Vivo”, on Multishow Chanel, every Tuesday. IZA has also been invited one of the hosts of the show “Só Toca Pop”, on TV Globo.

About Dubdogz

Brothers Lucas and Marcos have worked together for well over 8 years. The duo’s recent project, Dubdogz, summarizes their career together with sophisticated productions and breathtaking concerts. The duo has been to several countries, such as Germany, South Africa, Denmark, Switzerland, France and have also played in big festivals, such as Tomorrowland Brasil and Kaballah Festival.

About Projota

Projota is one of the greatest Brazilian rappers, with several tracks being featured among the most played songs in Brazil. He is the mind behind hits, such as “Foco, Força e Fé”, “Mulher”, “Elas Gostam Assim”, “Enquanto Você Dormia”, “Muleque de Vila”, “Faz Parte” (with Brazilian pop icon Anitta), and “Linda” (with the duo Anavitória). His most recent album, released in April 2019, “Tributo aos Sonhadores I”, is a tribute to his fans with 8 new tracks and two music videos for the songs “Celta Vermelho” e “Sei Lá”.

About Zeeba

Zeeba is one of the most prominent Brazilian singers. His songs have reached over a billion plays on all music streaming services and YouTube combined. Born in the U.S. to Brazilian parents, he has written hits, such as “Hear Me Now”, "Never Let Me Go”, and "Ocean", songs produced with DJ ALOK. Amongst his latest releases are the singles "Live In The Moment", "Heart of  Stone", and “Young Again”, released in the last quarter of 2018. Zeeba has played on some of the most important festivals and places. His unique pop songs mix electronic music with different instruments, but now he is focused on his solo career and recording new material.

Sobre DJ Rivkah

Half Brazilian - half French, Rivkah was born in Norway, 11-yeard-old Rebecca Rangel says music has always been her great passion, specially EDM. Rivkah, her moniker, has alwys dreamed of being a DJ and by the age of 9, way before finishing a DJ course in Brasília, Brazil, she was already playing for crowd with over 14.000 people on a weekly basis. Nowadays, Rivkah is the unique result of the Brazilian EDM music: a girl under the age of 12, a DJ, and a producer. As a producer, she has released 2 remixed and one song of her own. She is currently producing her debut album set to be released next year.


Not only a DJ and a producer, KVSH is one of the greatest EDM DJs in Brazil. Luciano Ferreira has reached over 16 million views on his YouTube channel. The mind behind a unique style, KVSH plays several hits from his entire career, such as “Sede Pra Te Ver” and “Cante Por Nós”, a song which resulted from a collaboration with two other DJs.

About Game XP  

Game XP was first held in Rock in Rio 2017 and have established itself as Latin America’s greatest game event. In 2018, Game XP had its first official solo edition, having become the world’s first GamePark. Tickets for all four event days were sold old and the event used all three olympic arenas at Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. These arenas became Oi Game Arena, Expo Play Arena, and Inova Arena. In 2019, Game XP will be held in July 25-28th, and is designed to be 60% bigger with twice the number of attractions. More information on          


Game XP 2019

Date: July 25-28th

Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Tickets sales:

Single – Each day: Early Bird Tickets - R$175,00 (full price) and R$ 87,50 (student discount)

Family Tickets – Each day: (two full price tickets + one ticket with student discount): Early Bird Tickets - R$350,00

Player One Ticket – Each day: fixed price - R$400,00

Venue: Parque Olímpico do Rio de Janeiro - Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 3401 - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro


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