Game XP 2019 expands and offers lots of new attractions to visitors


With twice as many attractions and an area 60% bigger than 2018, the event’s second edition brings together the best in gaming and amusement parks to a one place.


Rio de Janeiro, July 24th, 2019 - The time is coming! The world's first GamePark will be open to the public on July 25-28th and we know all visitors can't wait to check out all the news from the second edition of the event, which brings so many new attractions. This year, Game XP will have an area 60% bigger than its previous edition, also offering new attractions for all ages, including eSports championships, special game arenas, great concerts and all kinds of must-see attractions which will establish a connection between the digital world and the real world.

One of Game XP 2019’s greatest news is the Gênesis Stage, where great artists will perform to the audience daily between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. Artists such as Anavitória, DJ Myste, Cat Dealers, Game XP Orchestra, IZA, Dubdogz, Projota, Zeeba (featuring Rivkah), Mano Brown e Banda Boogie Naipe, and KVSH will play amazing concerts at the GamePark. Also, some of the eSports-related new attractions are the Legends of League of Legends showmatch as well as the debut of the Brazilian Counter-Strike Championship (CBCS).

For those who love adrenaline, an amazing roller coaster will give visitors the opportunity to join an intergalactic ride thanks to virtual reality technology. DinoMundi Experience will offer an immersive VR and 4D in a tour through the jurassic period as well as a dinosaur park. Visitors will experience smells, sounds and textures as a part of this fantastic experience.

 At Inova Arena, a space dedicated to technology and innovation, an exclusive 2,400-square meter structure will be assembled as well as Inova Stage, which is a venue especially set for lectures and debates with over 36 hours of lectures on Technology in Education, Health Technology, Smart Cities and Gadgets of the Future (robots, voice control devices, smart clothes etc).  

According to Roberta Coelho, Game XP’s CEO, the event aims at providing visitors with unforgettable experiences with lots of fun to all ages. “We created a family-friendly event where gamers can experience their favorite games and their characters’ adventures. The goal is to recreate these experiences as a whole and every detail that comes with it in order to establish an emotional connection with these games. We work so everyone go home with their hearts filled with unforgettable memories because they have experience games in a whole new way, without setting aside the power and loyalty of the gaming community”, explains Roberta.


Day tickets are now being sold with last-minute prices ranging from R$ 125,00/each day (student discount) to R$ 250,00/each day (full price). Visitors can also purchase the Family Ticket, which grants a pair of full-price tickets and one ticket with student discount (the visitors using this ticket must prove he/she is a student by presenting a student ID card). This ticket costs R$ 500,00 each day. Those who wish to have a unique experience can also purchase Player One Tickets, available for purchaser for R$ 400,00/each day.  

Oi Game Arena: The eSports Maracanã

(Arena 1 - Max Capacity: 4,000) 


The 1,500-square meter eSports super-screen could easily be seen as the eSports Maracanã, and it is back. With a maximum capacity of 4,000 people, visitors will be able to watch official professional championships, as well as epic battles with the currently most popular eSports games. Amongst the confirmed championships and tournaments, there are: Rainbow Six Brasileirão Championship Finals, the first match of the Brazilian CS:GO Championship (CBCS), Female Game XP Counter-Strike Championship by Gamers Club, Rainbow Six Women’s Circuit, Legends of League of Legends showmatch, and TUES matches (College Tournaments) of LoL, R6, and CS: GO.

In addition, Game XP 2019’s iconic trophy has been finally revealed: an incredible 90-centimeter sword weighting about seven pounds. The trophy will be presented to the winners of the Female Game XP Counter-Strike Championship by Gamers Club, Rainbow Six Women’s Circuit, Rainbow Six Brasileirão Championship, and the Legends of League or Legends showmatch.



Loading Day - Closed Event

7:00 p.m. - Clash Royale's TUES Finals (Oi Game Arena and GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)


1:00 p.m. - Opening (Oi Game Arena and GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey) 

1:15 p.m. - Brazil PES eCup (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

1:15 p.m. - Brazilian CS:GO Championship - CBCS (Oi Game Arena)

3:00 p.m. - Female Game XP Counter-Strike Championship by Gamers Club (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

6:15 p.m. - DJ Game XP (Oi Game Arena)

6:30 p.m. - Rainbow Six’s TUES Finals (Oi Game Arena)

9 p.m. - Closing time  (Oi Game Arena and GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)



12:00 - p.m. Opening (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

12:15 - p.m. Rainbow Six Women's Circuit Qualifier (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

1:00 - p.m. Opening (Oi Game Arena)

1:15 - p.m. CS:GO TUES Finals (Oi Game Arena)

3:30 - p.m. Orchestra (Oi Game Arena)

3:45 - p.m. Legends of League of Legends (Oi Game Arena)

5:45 - p.m. Jogaralho hosted by Affonso Solano and Anderson Drawer (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

6:15 - p.m. Concert: Scalene(Oi Game Arena)

6:30 - p.m. Rainbow Six Brasileirão Championship Semifinals (Oi Game Arena)

6:30 - p.m. Samsung Odyssey Challenge Finals: DOTA 2 (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

9 - p.m. Closing time (Oi Game Arena and GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)



12h00 p.m. - Opening (Oi Game Arena and GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

12:15 p.m. - Female Game XP Counter-Strike Championship by Gamers Club: Final Match (Oi Game Arena)

12:15 p.m. - Samsung Odyssey Challenge Finals: League of Legends (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

3:00 p.m. - Webinfluencers Cup: Crash Bandicoot Racing (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

3:30 p.m. - Concert: Supercombo (Oi Game Arena)

3:45 p.m. - Rainbow Six Women's Circuit Finals (Oi Game Arena)

4:00 p.m. - Voice Actors Panel: The Voices of Heroes with Christiano Torreão, Overwatch's Junkrat (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

4:30 p.m. - Ubisoft Panel - Ghost Recon Breakpoint (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

5:30 p.m. - Team Loud - Free Fire (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

6:15 p.m. - DJ Game XP (Oi Game Arena)

18:15 p.m. - League of Legends’ TUES Finals (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

6:30 p.m. – Rainbow Six Brasileirão Championship Semifinals (Oi Game Arena)

9 p.m. - Closing (Oi Game Arena and GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)



11:45 a.m. - Samsung Odyssey Challenge Finals: CS: GO (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

1:00 p.m. - Opening (Oi Game Arena)

1:15 p.m. - Rainbow Six Brasileirão Championship Finals (Oi Game Arena)

1:45 p.m. - Fortnite Fan Fest - World Cup Finals Livestreaming (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

6:00 p.m. - Samsung Odyssey Challenge Finals: CS: GO (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

6:15 p.m. - DJ Game XP (Oi Game Arena)

6:30 p.m. - Rainbow Six Brasileirão Championship Grand Final (Oi Game Arena)

7:15 p.m. - Cosplay Contest (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

8:15 p.m. – Closing time (GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey)

9 p.m. - Closing time (Oi Game Arena)



GamePlay Arenas 1 & 2: How could two arenas hold so much amazing content

(GamePlay Arena 1 / Carioca Arena 2 - Max. Capacity: 3,300)

(GamePlay Arena 2 / Carioca Arena 3 - Max. Capacity: 3,500) 


Just one arena is not enough for the area destined for all the major game companies at the world’s first GamePark. That's why GamePlay is now taking over two arenas with over 9,000-square meters! Spaces destined for companies will be larger, as will the possibilities for interaction with their target-audience. Visitors will be able to play releases and preview games firsthand, as well as enjoy exclusive brand activations. This year’s edition is filled with immersive attractions using VR technology.

GamePlay Arena 1 


GamePlay Arena 1 (Arena Carioca 2): has the maximum capacity of 3,300 persons. Visitors will be able to enjoy several kinds of attractions at booths from major companies, such as Playstation, Oi, Ubisoft, The Enemy, and Dazz. Also, this arena will feature the Art Street and GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey.


GamePlay Stage by Samsung Odyssey: Game XP will feature a second eSports stage with official championships, qualifiers, and showmatches. Its maximum capacity has tripled and now holds 300 people seated and another 300 standing.   


Art Street: Located inside this arena, this is the area where illustrators, concept artists, and comic book artists from the gamer and geek community show their works to the audience. This is a great opportunity for artists with different styles and from all kinds of walks of like to interact with each other and their audience, and sell prints, sketchbooks, posters, comic books, commissions, original pieces, and other materials. The success of the 2018 edition left us working on a bigger area, which now features twice the total number participating artists,  which are 57 in 2019. 


These are the artists who will be at Game XP 2019's Art Street: Alex Genaro, Alex Mir, Amaury Son, Anderson Awvas, Alec Icustoon, Bianca Mól, Bii Aguiart, Carlos Ruas, Carol Rempto, Cartoonist, Dani Souza, Dann Franco, Debs RDZ, Denis Mello, Diogo Torres, Elcerdo, Eliane Bonadio, Elton Thomasi, Eric Peleias, Estevão Ribeiro, Felipe Marchioni, Fpjuni, Gabriel Calfa, Guilherme de Sousa, Guilherme Smee, Gustavo Borges Read Pusti, Lipe Diaz, Lorraine Giostri, Lucas Moreira, Lustosa, Maju Fogo, Castro Brothers, Marvin Rodriguez, Mary Werneck, Melissa Garabeli, Michel Mims, Nataliadsw, Orange Night Girls, Patricia Sonoda, Paulo Marcio, Diego Porto, Rafael Bento, Rapha Pinheiro, White Fox, Raquel Segal, Sou Petrus, TS Carmo, Taíssa Maia, Tito Camello, Vi Marchetti, and Yorhán Araújo. 


Fortnite® Fan Fest: The official Fortnite World Cup Finals held in New York will be also land in Game XP 2019. The livestreaming will feature local hosts and commentators, who will focus on conveying the thrilling moments and emotions during the match to the public in Portuguese. The Fan Fest will feature some of the main webinfluencers in Brazil when it comes to gaming: Huestation, ZeroBadass, Raccoon, Gelli Clash and Papile.   


Dazz - UX Lab: Dazz’s booth will feature an immersive experience at UX Lab, which will feature an area with branded products place into the environment, whose scenario resembles that of a lab.


Hiper-Realidade Oi:  Immersive hyper-reality experience through an amazing adventure in exploring Game XP with Oi Fibra.


Playstation: Check out the latest news from the world's best-selling console and play the latest releases, including the game "Marvel's Iron Man VR", Iron Man 's virtual reality game that will be playable for the first time in Brazil. There will be 12 PS:VR stations which will also feature "The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure", "Five Nights at Freddy VR: Help Wanted" and "Space Channel 5 VR". For PlayStation 4, players will have at their disposal the game " Dreams" (still under development), "Monster Hunter World", "Days Gone" and "FIFA 19".


The Enemy - Omelete Company’s gaming division, which will officially cover Game XP 2019 from a 125m² studio set up at GamePlay Arena 1. There will be over 30 hours of live broadcasts to showcase the highlights of the event in various parts of GamePark . In addition, the studio will serve as a base for a team of over 20 professionals. Also, this gaming division will feature a mobile unit used at the Olympics and the World Cup.


Ubisoft Arena - Ubisoft will focus its space on "Ghost Recon Breakpoint", title due for release on October 4, which will be available for visitors to play at the Ubisoft booth at GamePlay Arena 1. There fans of this title, who will also be able to take pictures in front of a large panel that mimics one of the game’s scenario. Another new feature from Ubisoft will be the competitive free-to-play "Roller Champions", which will be available in six gaming stations for the audience to enjoy during GameXP.


GamePlay Arena 2 


GamePlay Arena 2 (Arena Carioca 3) has the maximum capacity of 3,500 people with stands from major companies, such as Warner Games, Samsung, Globo, Guarana Antarctica, Activision, Arkave VR, Hasbro, Epic Games, and BenQ. These will be the following attractions:


Activision: Play Activision's new "Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled " released in June. The game is a remake of the first racing game in the Crash Bandicoot series, "Crash Team Racing", featuring reimagined characters and scenarios from the game "Crash Nitro Kart". Visitors will be able to play in groups of up to 4 people simultaneously against each other. 


Arkave Arena VR: Join the Arkave squad through a virtual reality experience featuring body mapping and local multiplayer.


Fliperameme Guaraná Antarctica: The best meme games mixed with arcade games is one of our favorite attractions. Stay tuned for surprise with lots of goodies and Guarana soft drinks! 



·       Arena – Join us in our arena and find out some behind-the-scenes trivia. 

·       Telecine - If your favorite hobby is binge watching movies, Telecine Emoji Film Duel is the right match for you! 

·       Bike - Feel the thrill of riding a motorcycle at high speeds without leaving your comfy place. Check your performance in real time!

·       Room - A trip to the virtual world will take you on an incredible journey through a room of terror, inspired by The Vampire Diaries.

·       Nhac GNT - Ever wondered if there was a drink with your face on it? Nhac GNT will distribute customized cafes with pictures of participants!

·       Studio - At a Globoplay exclusive studio, experience characterizations from The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural series, such as tattoos and special reproductions of bruises.


Fortnite Freeplay (Epic Games): Take photos with the battle bus and play the latest version of today's most downloaded game in one of 40 gameplay stations.


Samsung: Try Samsung products and learn more about Samsung Odyssey.


Nerf Fortnite (Hasbro): Hit the target with the release of Nerf Fortnite and celebrate with your best dance.


ZXP (BenQ): Get the same experience as Pro Players do and major world championships with ZOWIE accessories and monitors.


Warner:  Warner Games and Warner Studios together at your disposal in one booth for you to try their products. Warner will feature a comfortable, immersive living space in the universe of the new game "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite ". Visitors must download the game at Warner’s booth and start playing it there with exclusive content for geo-localized capture. There will be a photo-op organized by lines. Posters and stickers will be distributed as gifts to visitors who download the game, enjoy exclusive content, and post pictures using the hashtag #BRUXOSUNIDOSNAGAMEXP. For the “It: Chapter 2” movie, visitors will be able to make a macabre movie-themed GIF and post it on their profile on social media.


Inova Arena: A space dedicated to technology and innovation.


The space dedicated to technology and innovation will be right outside GamePlay Arena 2 featuring a unique 2,400-square meter structure. In addition to that, Inova Stage, the stage dedicated to lectures and debates, will bring together over 100 speakers who will talk about four major themes: Technology in Education, Technology in Health, Smart Cities and Gadgets of the Future (robots, voice control devices, clothing smart, etc).


codeBuddy Tilt Brush XP: An augmented reality experience in which you experience painting in VR.


Cultura Gamer Arcade:  Cultura Inglesa invites visitors to take a quiz testing your knowledge on gamer vocabulary inside a giant arcade.


Dev Park: Independent game developers will be in an area of 200-square meters with gameplay areas, display monitors, virtual reality equipment, and a stage where Devs can hold chat sessions and meet & greet with the public. In all, 24 developers will be showing their games, 12 of them selected by online applications, of which 6 are exclusively for devs from the State of Rio de Janeiro, 6 vacancies for developers incubated by the Rio Creative Program of the State Secretariat of Culture and Economy. Also, 6 others are from the Secretariat of Innovation of the City of Rio de Janeiro through the Inova Games contest, conducted with the project Naves do Conhecimento.


Embraer Visão do Future: Experience the future and embark on an immersive journey in an augmented reality aircraft while charging your phone. Come understand the profession and meet your favorite influencers!


Meu Caminho Estácio:  Inspired by the “Rota de Carreira” platform, Estácio's booth will feature two interactive Game XP actions: a mini orientation test, as a journey into the future where people will be introduced to their journey as they respond and an augmented reality board game, in which players will become life-size pieces and will be able to test their knowledge on different topics related to various professions. 


Inova Stage: At Game XP’s second edition, Inova Stage will once again be the place of lectures and debates and will bring together over 100 speakers who will talk about six major themes: Technology in Education, Technology in Health, Behind the Scenes of the World of Games, Revolution in the Business, Smart Cities and Gadgets of the Future (robots, voice control devices, smart clothes).During the four days of the event, the public can participate in enlightening debates about technology and society. 


MOCS: Free Kit with accessibility VR game, holography experiences and Pundi where you can start your bitcoin account!


Oi: Holografia + Nave - Among Oi's many innovation fronts, get to know 5G technology and play the games made by the students of Nave, a school supported by Oi Futuro.



Game XP presents a stage dedicated to music, the Genesis Stage


Music is a fundamental part of games. Game XP has gained an incredible stage to pack dusk at GamePark.With a special lighting all crafted in LED, the space caught the attention of those who pass through the region. Curated by Zé Ricardo (artistic director of the Sunset and Favela stages of Rock in Rio) and Claudio Rocha Miranda (artistic director of the new area of Roc k in Rio, the New Dance Order). The program starts at 5 p.m. and promises a lot of music, light, fun and joy.So, make sure you don't miss your favorite show, they always happen at 5 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 7 p.m., and 8:30 p.m.


25.07: Anavitória , DJ Myste, Cat Dealers, and Game XP Orchestra

26.07: IZA, DJ Myste, Dubdogz and Game XP Orchestra

27.07: Projota, DJ Myste, Zeeba feat. Rivkah and Game XP Orchestra    

28.07: Mano Brown and Boogie Band, DJ Myste, KVSH and Game XP Orchestra


Experience bay


VR Galaxy Rush Roller Coaster powered by VR Coaster: Game XP will have the first virtual reality roller coaster in Brazil. Forget the simulators found in shopping malls.   Our roller coaster is real and you will be transported to a spaceship race in different scenarios, with time portals and speed of light. The exclusive design was developed by Mack Rides Group's German company VR Coaster in 4k 60 fps stereoscope, the best quality VR available in the world.


Electric Karting - Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Speed up on the electric karting track signed by Activision's new game Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. Recreation based on the classic Crash Team Racing has speeds of up to 12km/h on a 1400-square meter circuit on Game XP's Experience Bay.


DinoMundi Experience: One of the first augmented reality games, DinoMundi, will bring Game XP audiences an immersive VR and 4D experience, with a tour of the Jurassic world and a tour of a dinosaur park. Smells, sounds and textures will be part of this fantastic experience, which will serve 20 people at a time in two 120-square meter arenas each. The attraction utilizes the new Oculus Quest featuring the latest VR technology in the world.


eFootball PES Experience: The new game-inspired soccer skills area gains new momentum. Live the eFootball PES 2020 experience in real life by competing in the training camp. The best of each sport compete for goal by goal and compete for a Puma kit.  


Player One Lounge: Exclusive place for those who bought the Player One ticket: privileged view, great comfort and different experiences!


Time Brasil Experience: Feel like an athlete from Team Brasil surfing in virtual reality, a 3x3 Basketball match or an Olympic climbing super wall.


Fortnite® Laser Squad Arena: It's the game in real life! The set we have designed will place participants in a big laser tag battle in areas that simulate Fortnite maps. For this edition, the space will be three times larger than last year. The clashes will take place simultaneously in two arenas, each 670m², serving twice as many people. 


Fortnite® Queda Livre: Arrival on the game map could not be better represented. For the first time on GamePark, visitors will experience the sensation of falling off the flying bus into a 40-meter tower (a 15-story building), which simulates the free-fall of the most played game at the moment.


GameZone: Once an area within the GamePlay Arena 1, GameZone is now triple the space and will have 1,200-square feet of arcade, pinball, and modern games for anyone with a flaw for gameplay. There are 140 stations for freeplays.


Jogo da Vida Banco do Brasil: Come play the real life game and learn about the benefits of Banco do Brasil.


Just Dance Stage: One of the biggest hits of the 2018 edition, Just Dance's stage comes back twice as big and promises to get everyone to move. In addition to competitions with the public, the stage will host influencers and professional players.   


Official Game XP Store: Buy official Game XP products, such as hats, t-shirts, and more.


Slide - Game XP + Oi: Come have fun on the Game XP slide and share this experience on your social networks.


Pac-Man Experience: Those who had fun in the Pac-Man maze in 2018 will celebrate this announcement. In 2019, it will be back with new challenges and frantic breakouts. This time, he will be outside the arenas. Escape the most famous ghosts in a life-size adventure.


Playstation on the Road: The Playstation truck will stop at Game XP with 6 game stations: PlayStation VR Worlds, Spider-Man, PES 2019, Gran Turismo Sport, Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Horizon Chase Turbo.


Oi Ferris Wheel: The highest point of the 36-foot GamePark is back, allowing for an overview of Game XP and amazing photos.


Cable Car - The Boys Fly: In this edition, the public will be able to cross GamePark with a superhero! #SQN Meet the new Amazon Prime TV show, “The Boys”, with a 220-meter cable car ride with 2 access points (one at the entrance and one across from Medieval Street).


Zip-Line Nescau: A 110-meters zip-line of pure emotion! Will you have courage? 


Climbing - Ghost Recon Breakpoint: The climbing wall was so successful in 2018 that it comes back bigger and new-looking. Now twice as many people will be able to climb at different heights and levels of difficulty. Inspired by Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Climbing Challenges, 3 Bridge Crossings and 3 Rope Climbs!


Medieval Street: Inspired by Rock in Rio's Rock Streets, this street will feature medieval themes, artist performances and a wide range of licensed stores. Ready for time travel? 


Freeze Action 360º:  Make an amazing 360º photo and play in the matrix effect! The photo goes to your email, to be shared with who and how you want!


Galapagos Games: Official store for new generation board games with experimentation. The games are being revisited, bringing intelligence, learning and human connection. 


Riachuelo Store: Buy Game XP's most geeky clothing brand products and get in the mood.


Beer Garden: This is for those over 18! The space to have a beer with analog games (board games, chess and many others) with an amazing view of GamePark!



Game XPlay app


Game XP’s universe can be a part of fans' daily life even before the event starts on July 25th. The Game XPlay app is intended to be not only an event service app, but a great live game. It will give provide visitors with all the information about the world's first GamePark, including daily schedules for all arenas, attractions, available services, stores, and activations. But more than that, the app offers various games and ways to interact with the event so users can earn gamecoins and gamepoints, which can be exchanged during the event for gifts, services and to unlock content.


Game XPlay is also a practical and complete guide with all four 0day event services. In addition to the interactive map, there is a menu with all the Game XP food court options, a list of the event's stores, a map view signaling the user's restrooms and medical facilities, as well as basic information on locker rentals and the Lost and Found section. You will also be able to add attractions to your favorites list and create your own game strategy to clear Game XP. 


About Game XP 

Game XP was first held in Rock in Rio 2017 and have established itself as Latin America’s greatest game event. In 2018, Game XP had its first official solo edition, having become the world’s first GamePark. Three of four event days were sold old and the event used all three Olympic arenas at Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. These arenas became Oi Game Arena, Expo Play Arena, and Inova Arena. In 2019, Game XP will be held in July 25-28th, and is designed to be 60% bigger with twice the number of attractions. More information on      



Game XP 2019

Date: July 25-28th

Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Tickets sales:

Day Ticket – Last-minute prices - R$250,00 (full price) and R$ 125,00 (student


Family Tickets – Each day (two full price tickets + one ticket with student discount): Last-minute price - R$500,00

Player One Ticket – Each day: fixed price - R$400,00  

Venue: Parque Olímpico do Rio de Janeiro - Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 3401 - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro   



Approach Comunicação

+55 21 3461 4616 (dial extensions 107, 162, or 151) 

Saulo Campos – Customer Service

Renata Bulhões – Customer Service

Fabiana Guimarães – Director