Game XP 2019: audience witnesses tough matches at Oi Game Arena and breathtaking concerts at Genesis Stage


Third day of event ends with Rainbow Six Brasileirão Championship semifinal and FaZe Clan is going against Team Liquid on Sunday in the finals


Rio de Janeiro, July 27th, 2019 – We’re talking about a 160,000-square meter area filled with entertainment and fun. And this area has enough music to keep Game XP 2019 visitors dancing. Among the highlights of this third day of event, which had its tickets sold out more than a week ago, there is the Rainbow Six Women’s Circuit final and the tough Rainbow Six Brasileirão Championship semifinal. At Genesis Stage, the eleven-year old producer, DJ Rivkah, the youngest DJ in the world, performed and rocked the crowd with her beats. During Projota’s concert, fans went crazy when the musician decided to dive off into the crowd.

The Female Game XP Counter-Strike Championship by Gamers Club final was held at Oi Game Arena, which was filled with visitors supporting women players. It was a tough match between Team oNe and paiN Gaming, but it ended after the second map. PaiN players had a faster performance and won the title with a 16x8 score. The break between the shows featured a concert by the indie rock Supercombo, which has nearly 1 million subscribers on YouTube. After the break, girl power still stood strong in the arena. In front a thrilled audience which cheered with glowing sticks, Black Dragons won over Resilience, becoming three-time champion with a 7X4 score after the second map in the Rainbow Six Women’s Circuit final game. The Rainbow Six Brasileirão Championship had the second half of the semifinals with Ninjas in Pyjamas going against FaZe Clan. In an exciting three-maps match, FaZe Clan qualified for the final with a 8x6 score in overtime.

This year’s Game XP once again proved how popular the Just Dance Stage really is, which was always crowded. Pop singer Lexa, who performed on Saturday, was one of the most remarkable moment of the stage. She performed "Só Depois do Carnaval" choreography firsthand specially made for Ubisoft’s game. After an amazing performance, the singer went on to take pictures with the fans afterwards. Paulo Soares, 23, felt over the moon with such an exciting suprise. “I’m a just dancer and a Lexa fan as well. I really loved the music and I'm going to rehearse the choreography. It was a great idea to bring such a queen” said Paulo.

Fans of old school games had fun arcade and modern games in the GameZone area. 140 arcade machines including Pinball and Formula 1 Simulator were stationed in a 1,200-square meters area for visitors to play as much as they wanted. Mario Kart, which could be played on a big screen, was also one of GameZone’s attractions. Rodrigo Assis, 48, who brought his 13-year-old son Lucca Assis, recalls how things were. “This is from the time I used to play foosball, videogames and arcade games, so I’m feeling at home. The event was able to gather people of different ages as it mixed the virtual reality with games that were successful in the past, such as Mario Kart. And here I have the opportunity to show these games to Lucca”, he commented.

At Genesis Stage, the eleven-year old producer, who has won the last edition of the Brasil Music Conference award, DJ Rivkah, rocked the crowd and showed why she has been earning space in the electronic music scene. The young DJ’s beats once again showed the audience what talent sounds like until the last minute of the concert. After that, the headliner of the day, Projota, made the audience feel part of his performance with some of his remarkable and reflective lyrics. The interaction and freestyle moments were the highlights. Once again, the enigmatic DJ Myste brought the crowd to life with her electronic music beats. Genesis Stage also held concerts played by Zeeba feat. Rivkah and Game XP Orchestra.

At Inova Arena, Embraer's Executive Vice-President of Engineering and Technology, Daniel Moczidlower, entered the geek world of Game XP and became a Jedi Knight. In addition to being a fan of Star Wars, Daniel embraces the movies values ​​as guidelines for leadership and motivation for the company staff, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Among the lessons shared, Embraer's VP highlighted his concern with the future, but emphasizing that the focus should also be on the present moment.

André Brasil, teacher of the Instituto Federal do Rio de Janeiro (IFRJ), had drawn the young audience’s attention with the theme "How to create a game in real time". The theoretical part stressed the importance of interaction, challenges and characters in the game. In the practical part, André showed the step-by-step of the creation of the game itself. “It's important to practice creating games, not just playing games,” he concluded.

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Game XP was first held in Rock in Rio 2017 and have established itself as Latin America’s greatest game event. In 2018, Game XP had its first official solo edition, having become the world’s first GamePark. Three of four event days were sold out and the event used all three Olympic arenas at Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. These arenas became Oi Game Arena, Expo Play Arena, and Inova Arena. In 2019, Game XP will be held in July 25-28th, and is designed to be 60% bigger with twice the number of attractions. More information on         


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