Game XP's second edition brings all sorts of new attractions, such as a VR Ferris wheel, a new music stage, and two whole arenas dedicated to games.

Rio de Janeiro, April 30, 2019 – Each generation of games brings new levels, new maps, new characters, and new technologies. Each generation's purpose is to bring high quality joy and entertainment to an ever-demanding audience. Same goes for Game XP, Brazil's greatest game event and the world's first GamePark, which confirms its second solo edition in much bigger structures and a whole lot more attractions for all ages in a true amusement park for the whole family. The event organization (consisting of the teams behind Rock in Rio and CCXP as well as Grupo Globo) have presented the new attractions in a press event held at Rock in Rio's headquarters this Tuesday, April 30th.

This year, Game XP will be held from July 25 to 28th, at Rio de Janeiro's Olympic Park, Barra da Tijuca. General ticket sales start on May 7th, at 8 p.m.

Game XP's CEO, Roberta Coelho, 2018 was the year in which a new concept was created and presented to the audience: the world's first GamePark. In 2019, the event aims at bringing remarkable experiences in order to show Game XP can bring fun to the whole family and visitors from all ages. "In 2018, over 90.000 visitors attended our GamePark. Those were unforgettable moments in which visitors had the opportunity to experience this kind of event for the first time. In 2019, we will have an area 50% bigger without needing to increase total number of tickets. Besides that, there will be new kinds of attractions, a lot more comfort, and many more game companies at the event. We're this huge entertainment event, an amusement park for the whole family in a safe environment, filled with fun and joy", says Roberta.

Roberto Fabri, Game XP marketing director, explains that games are the guiding principle behind everything, but all audiences at the event will have their expectations met. "Games are the heart of this event, taking over all 3 Olympic arenas. These are the same arenas that held great matches during the 2016 Olympics. Anyone into eSports will meet the greatest multi-game event with lots of official tournaments and championships on the world's largest game screen at Oi Game Arena (arena 1). All the most important game companies will be there with their own jaw-dropping booths with gameplays available, as well as brand activations at the GamePlay Arenas, which now take place in arenas 2 and 3. Not to mention there will be Brazil's first VR roller coaster, a kart circuit, laser tag arenas, an aerial lift, and much more. You'd most surely need more than a day to enjoy every single attraction we're bringing to our GamePark", states Roberto Fabri.


GAME XP 2019 - Game Map



The whole structure assembled at Rio de Janeiro Olympic Park, in Barra da Tijuca, will feature a circle map, just like the world's most popular amusement parks, and will be at least 50% bigger. The event area features nearly 160.000 square meters. The number of visitors expected is the same as last year's edition: 100.000 visitors. In other words, the main focus is to expand the number of entertainment options, invest in comfort and improve experiences at the event.


Oi Game Arena (Arena 1)

A 1.500m-length super game screen could be taken as a Maracanã Stadium of sorts in terms of eSports matches. Also, as a traditional trademark of the event, this screen is back. Up to 4.000 people will be able to watch official professional championships as well as epic battles of some of the most important games. Also, the finals for the Rainbow Six Brasileirão Tournament (a nationwide tournament) and also the Game XP CS:GO female league are confirmed as well.


GamePlay Arenas (Arenas 2 and 3)

Only one arena would not be enough for all the great game brands confirmed at the event. That's why GamePlay will now take over two arenas and over 9.000 square meters! Brand booths will be bigger, as well the opportunities to interact with visitors. Everyone will be able to play the latest releases firsthand, try out some demos, and enjoy brand activations. This year, immersive VR attractions are the main focus at the event.


GamePlay Stage

Game XP will feature a second eSports stage for official championships qualifying stages as well as test matches. The maximum capacity has also increased and now features 300 seats and an area for up to 300 visitors standing.


Art Street

Also in this arena, the Art Street will be held, an area where approved artists will present their work, not to mention the great artists who will be there to talk to their fans and sell prints, sketchbooks, original pieces, and other materials. In 2018, it was such a success that, in 2019, this area will feature 2x the number of artists.


Inova Arena

The usual area dedicated to technology and innovation will no longer be held at Arena 3, because it will now feature an exclusive structure with nearly 2.000 square meters. Besides that, Inova Stage, a stage focused on lectures and discussions, will now feature over 100 speakers discussing four main topics: Technology in Education, Technology related to Health-Care Systems, Smart Cities, and Gadgets of the Future (robots, voice-control devices, smart clothes etc.).


VR Roller Coaster powered by VR Coaster

Game XP will feature Brazil's first VR roller coaster. Forget all about those shopping mall simulators. Our roller coaster is real and will take you on a ride for a spaceship race in different scenarios, with time portals and lightspeed engines. This project is developed by the German company VR Coaster, part of the Mack Rides Group, and will use 60 fps 4k stereoscope, the highest VR quality currently available in the world.


Kart Circuit

Karts are back to Game XP. This time, they are bigger, better, and faster.


Aerial Lift

In 2019, visitors will be able to see Game XP from above and cross the entire park using an aerial lift.


Climbing Wall

The climbing wall which became a fan-favorite in 2018 is back bigger and featuring a new design. Now, more visitors will be able to climb different heights in different levels of difficulty.



One of the most iconic attractions in amusement parks is now taking its place at Game XP to make an impression. The 40m-tall drop (nearly a 15-story building) will pose a challenge to the brave visitors who wish to face it and bring some adrenaline to everyone at the event.


Laser Tag

Laser Tag is back in an area three times bigger and two arenas with matches taking place simultaneously. It will now be able to take more visitors and make each player feel inside one of the most classic FPS of recent era.


DinoMundi Experience

As one of the first games to implement augmented reality, Dino Mundi will bring a truly immersive 4D VR experience during a trip around the jurassic world in a dinosaur park. All sorts of smells, sounds, and textures will be a part of this fantastic experience offered to 20 people per session in two 120 square meters arenas each.



What once was an area inside GamePlay Arena, GameZone will now feature three times its previous size with a 1.200 square meters area and several arcade machines, pinballs, and modern consoles so gamers of all ages can enjoy it.


Giant Maze

Those who had fun at the maze in 2018 may celebrate now. It will be back in 2019 with new challenges and thrilling chases taking place outside the arenas.


Oi Ferris Wheel

The GamePark's highest peak is back and will allow visitors to have a general view of the event, the perfect spot for the perfect picture.


Fortnite Fan Fest

Game XP will host an official party for the Fortnite Championship World Finals livestreaming, which will take place in New York on the same weekend as Game XP. The livestreaming will feature local hosts discussing the match in Portuguese.


Just Dance Stage

One of 2018 greatest surprises, Just Dance Stage is back and will feature two times its feature size, becoming once more the perfect spot at the event to shake, shake, shake your booty! Not will only will host competitions open to visitors, the stage will also feature influencers and pro players.


Soccer Experience

The reimagined new area for visitors to show their soccer skills is back. There will be two qualifiers and one grand final taking place as a goal-focused match with your own fans rooting from the seats, since the line will now take shape as a grandstand.


An area for sponsors brand activations

An area where sponsors will bring new experiences and brand activations to visitors.


Genesis Stage

Music is one of the cornerstones in games. Game XP now features a stage to rock everyone at night. The songs will be handpicked by Zé Ricardo (Sunset Stage and Favela Stage - Rock in Rio) and Cláudio Rocha Miranda (New Dance Order - Rock in Rio). With speakers blasting from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., this stage will feature great artists. Also, the party is over only when fireworks are blasting the night sky, indicating that the GamePark is coming to its closing time. The confirmed lineup already includes: Cat Dealers and Anavitória (07/25/2019), IZA (07/26/2019), and Nova Orquestra (all event days).


Beer Garden

Beer Garden will be back in 2019 under the same 2018 concept:  an analog games area and a meeting point for adults who wish to take a break from all the adrenaline going on.


Medieval Street

Based on the Rock Streets from Rock in Rio, this street will the medieval-themed with artists performing there and a wide variety of stores selling licensed products.


Game XP App

Game XP app becomes a great live game, among the very few (including Coachella 2019) to use augmented reality based on geolocation. The teaser version is available for download. There, you'll be able to see dinosaur fighting each other and Pterosaurs flying around when you point your device at the Olympic Park. You can download it here:



Game XP 2019 tickets will be sold in three lots starting next Tuesday, May 7th, 8 p.m., on The early bird ticket prices will be available until June 1st, ranging from R$87,50 (student discount)/each day to R$175,00 (full price)/each day.  Regular prices will be R$210,00/each day and will be available from June 2nd to June 30th. The last-minute prices will be R$ 250,00/each day and will be available from July 1st to July 24th. Visitors can also purchase the Family Ticket, which grants a pair of full-price tickets and one ticket with student discount (the visitors using this ticket must prove he/she is a student by presenting a student ID card). This ticket costs R$ 350,00 as early-bird price, R$ 420,00 as regular price, and R$ 500,00 as last-minute price/each day. But if you wish to have a unique experience, you can also purchase Player One tickets. These tickets cost R$ 400,00/each day and grant access to the Player One Lounge; special transfer (round trip); regular transfer service offered at several meeting points in Rio de Janeiro; Fast Track for 3 attractions + Oi Game Arena - You are granted access to 3 attractions through a special entrance; special kit: pin + special badge + badge holder + Official Game XP poster + 15% discount at Game XP official store.


Oi - Master Sponsorship

Oi is Game XP 2019's master sponsor and also the company responsible for the entire internet and connectivity infrastructure at the event, including    high-quality data links to assure the best internet connection and free Wi-Fi service to all visitors. Once more, Oi establishes itself once again as a partner in the digital entertainment universe towards an audience demanding high-quality connection so they can enjoy all sorts of game contents as well as use other apps during the event. "Once again, Oi has the opportunity to show how well designed and capable are its services and the infrastructure assembled so everyone at the event may use high-quality internet to enjoy all kinds of content Game XP has to offer to gamers and the general audience." Such partnership has been established on solid ground, since Oi is prepared to offer a connectivity experience to people who wish to enjoy all sorts of contents, such as videos and games through high-quality internet connection. The main goal behind all of this is to expand Oi's operation throughout the entire country's gamer ecosystem and to offer the best internet connection to some of the greatest championships and players, as well as to stimulate and advertise experiences and content related to this universe. Game XP allows us to invest in this kind of interaction", says Bruno Cremona, Sponsorship and Event Manager and Oi.



Game XP 2019

Date: July 25-28th

Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Tickets sales: 

Single – Each day: Early Bird Tickets - R$175,00 (full price) and R$ 87,50 (student discount)

Family Tickets – Each day: (two full price tickets + one ticket with student discount): Early Bird Tickets - R$350,00

Player One Ticket – Each day: fixed price - R$400,00

Venue: Parque Olímpico do Rio de Janeiro - Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 3401 - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro


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