Registrations open for Game XP 2019


Hello there!

Registrations for press and content creators badges are open as of this Monday, June 10th, for Game XP 2019 coverage.

Registration requests must be submitted by filling out the form available at June 10-21st. Requests submitted after 11:59 p.m. on June 21st will not be accepted.

You will receive an e-mail with an update on your request status before June 5th, 2019. That said, we kindly ask you to make sure you’re filling out this field properly, since your e-mail will be our main way of getting in touch with you.

Approval criteria include relevance, editorial line, printing run/subscribers/engagement level, and communicating range of each media company, focusing on press and specialized content creators. 

Each individual may submit as many requests as he/she wishes. Our team will analyze each request (we should remind you each request is valid for just one person). In case there is another team member, an additional request must be submitted. Badges are non-transferable and underage visitors are not allowed at the event holding a press/content creator badge.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept requests from freelancers or any audiovisual professionals unless they present a document stating they’re working for a particular company at the event. Also, any requests from the following will be declined: underage visitors, students, employees of retail stores, unions, associations, and others. The aforementioned criteria will be applied when analyzing all requests.

In case you have any questions on registration, send us an email:

Thank you for your interest in our event!

Sincerely yours,

Game XP 2019 Team